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The ?Good life? doesn?t get any better! Welcome to the best cigar parlor and fine liquor bar in all of Boston, Stanza Dei Sigari! Once a 1920?s speakeasy, is now Boston?s ultimate Cigar Bar. Alive with all the mystery and glamour of it?s original ?underground? setting. Below the historic streets of Boston?s North End, we welcome you to our paradise of the World?s Finest Cigars and Spirits. Indulge in the city?s most exclusive collection of premium cigars, cognacs, ports, bourbons, single malt scotches, rums and martinis. All carefully selected to enhance the taste that lingers on your palate after each draw . . . Discover what you?ve always imagined that it?s easier to free the mind and enlighten the senses, where a cigar gets the respect it deserves, martini mixing is a ritual and time unfolds with urgency.


292 Hanover St, Boston CT 02113
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